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Triple A Aura by ODST-Dutch

In this piece, the artist creates a familiar scenario that many would consider as a little fan service. Though the artwork certainly ha...

Sea of ink by High-On-Fairydust

"Sea of Ink" is an artwork that is far different from what you'll typically find in the artist's gallery. It is a piece that has a them...

Rock Climbing Has Never Been So Safe by ODST-Dutch

In this artwork, a theme that is common to fans of size-difference genres is portrayed: a miniaturized individual climbs up the body of...

Dream Drop by DunamisSolgard1002

The artist chose to depict a scene of his subject entering into a dream world. In many ways the artwork is reminiscent of Alice falling...


Moon Vs Puko by Jackurai
Moon Vs Puko
My latest commission for :iconthenotoldguy: ^_^

This one involves Sailor Moon and a balloon themed baddie from the show called Puko.

There are two paths. One makes Sailor Moon a balloon, the other turns her completely round.

And no eggs in this one.

Gwen Vores Ben by Jackurai
Gwen Vores Ben
My latest commission! This one is for :iconartabc ^^

It involves Ben as Nanomech and Gwen from the Ultimate Alien universe. Oh, and vore shenanigans, of course :3

This commission is a reference to Season 1 episode 19 - Absolute Power if anyone is wondering.

Easter egg? Yes ^^
Continuing work on a collab with :icontheforbiddendookbag: right now…

Flash Project: Video Game giantess concept
  • Mood: Zest
Fan Suggestion Collection 2: (Premium Content) by Jackurai
Fan Suggestion Collection 2: (Premium Content)
UPDATE (2/12/2015): Finished! This will be the last update (but as a reminder, I do still have all the assets if anyone wants a commission with the characters featured *nods* )

Added the Giganta scene, which has butt crush, vore, and a bit of foot play.

Also, I added an easter egg to the Marina the Mermaid scenario.

And there is an Easter egg in the XJ9 menu, as well as XJ9's BE scene.

Lastly, I updated my Sellify page for anyone who wants to purchase the file using PayPal instead of dA points

I'll take about a week off before I dive into my next Premium Content project *nods*

UPDATE (2/4/2015): Two more scenarios added! And just one egg in the Sabrina scene.

If you've already purchased this Premium Content, you can download the newest version


UPDATE (1/29/2015): Two new scenarios added :3  And three easter eggs (Two in the Frizzle scene and one in the Starfire scene)
Let's see... mostly shrinking, size comparison, and some mild crush.

If you've already purchased this Premium Content, you can download the newest version


UPDATE (1/22/2015): Added a new scenario involving XJ9 ^_^ No new eggs, yet.

The XJ9 scene involves multiple modes, including hourglass, foot growth, gender swap and shrinking.

If you've already purchased this Premium Content, you can download the newest version :3


This is my second Fan Suggestion Collection, made of up scenarios and characters suggested by people who watch my page :3

Also, like previous premium content, this is a project that is not totally finished yet, but will be updated weekly with  new scenarios or easter eggs.

This project currently has two scenarios that involve: assets transfer, growing/shrinking, age progression/regression

And also two easter eggs that involve: slight BE, interaction, size comparison

Anyways, since this is an unfinished version, I'll be offering it at a discounted price for the first week, then raise the price as I update it.

Once you purchase this Premium Content, downloading it or re-downloading updated versions is free.

Also, I may add extra eggs to current scenes if anyone has ideas or would really like to see something.

Enjoy and thanks for the support!



Jackurai's Profile Picture
Jack, Your Eye
I am da Jackurai!

I'm a fairly well known dude around the macro-lady-art-type circuits. People who have known me longest are probably familiar with a handful of my OC's, like Growmonga (a teacher who can grow to amazing heights and fight crime) and David and Dani (a pair of siblings with major size differences; see above illustration).

Recently, I'm more well known as "That guy that does Flash animation thingies for a price". Summer of 2012, I started taking commission projects in bulk and livestreaming them on my channel…

Stop by for chat, movies, and fun whydon'tcha?

I'm very much interested in the history of my country. My favorite food is chili dogs with a side of fries and some cold root beer. I enjoy cartoons, westerns, zombie flicks, video games, political satire, and road trips.

Want to get on my good side? Not asking me for requests is a good starter. I don't do them. And a friendly greeting every now and then couldn't hurt.

If you read this entire profile thingy you're an awesome individual. Here is a voucher for one high five. Offer expires in 2013 and not valid in Guam.

Artwork above by :iconchibibiscuit:
My New Years Resolution for this year is to try and finish all my collab projects that have been gathering dust ^^;

And I have quite a lot o_0

From :iconsanone: there's an assets swap project involving some of our OC's

Mostly, it's Mina taking Dani's age and Aria's size and... assets :3

From :iconfeyzer: I have a project involving his goddess OC Suada

Sauda GiantessAssets by Jackurai

I have some assets, but I still need a few more before I get started ^^

Also, I was planning on doing a morph resulting in a body type Feyzer came up with: Enormaiden

Enormaiden Yuffie Kisaragi by Feyzer

I'm thinking I'll have a nerdy character transform into an Enormaiden, like Velma, Irma, or Gadget Hackwrench.

Finally, I have quite a few projects from :iconnormaldeviant: ^^;

I've previously previewed concept art of Razz and Matazz, who will be in a date sim:

Razz and Matazz 2 by Jackurai

6nUwWgxiWPkdF4SE2w65hnkuyJhqt by Jackurai
I also have another project involving an OC we came up with, a barbarian princess in the Mario Universe:

Barbarian princess by Jackurai

Koopa magic makes her giant and Koopa-like ^^; We haven't come up with a name for her yet, I don't think...

Lastly, a project involving a goddess and an amazon:

Amazon Concept P1 By Normaldeviant-d72crq5 by Jackurai

So yeah, quite a bit on my plate, but I want to try and finish as many of these as I can this coming year ^^

Look forward to them as Premium Content after I finish my current Fan Suggestion project ^_-

Oh, and here's to a Happy New Year, of course!

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Right back at ya! :3
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Say quick question what do I have to do for a commission from you if you're okay with me asking.
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Send me a script with art references, if art references are available. And I can give you an estimate of how much it would cost. And we can go from there
Bowser-and-himself2 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Maybe my OC Akari here growing to super giant size and then she hugs the Earth as she is the wisp of happiness and she hugs people to give them happiness. Heres what she looks like bowser-and-himself2.deviantart…
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Can you send that to me as a note, please?
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wdearth Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
I could also commission you for a giant Princess Cadence giving Shining Armor some big affection. <3
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Sounds like fun ^^
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