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Triple A Aura by ODST-Dutch

In this piece, the artist creates a familiar scenario that many would consider as a little fan service. Though the artwork certainly ha...

Sea of ink by High-On-Fairydust

"Sea of Ink" is an artwork that is far different from what you'll typically find in the artist's gallery. It is a piece that has a them...

In this artwork, a theme that is common to fans of size-difference genres is portrayed: a miniaturized individual climbs up the body of...

Dream Drop by DunamisSolgard1002

The artist chose to depict a scene of his subject entering into a dream world. In many ways the artwork is reminiscent of Alice falling...


Evil Lady Strikes Back! Part 2 by Jackurai
Evil Lady Strikes Back! Part 2
My latest commission, this one from :icontrucker1: ^^

Basically, it's a part two of this commission…

:iconmean-motor-scooter: even made concept art for it *nods*

Anyways, it's the same basic scenario, but now the witch gets two for one :3


No easter eggs, but that may change in the future, maybe. 
May Dress Click Off (Safe) by Jackurai
May Dress Click Off (Safe)
A quick commission I did for :iconprotomandelta: ^^

Just click May's clothes in the right order to make them disappear. 

This one is the safe version. 

The more mature version can be found on a different site I mentioned in this journal…

Dinner Time
My latest commission for :iconshrrrrrriiipfan: ^^

This one involves his persona eating a lot, then Betty and Veronica shrrrrrriiip out of their clothes as they turn into a pair of giantesses :3


No eggs, btw


Jack, Your Eye
I am da Jackurai!

I'm a fairly well known dude around the macro-lady-art-type circuits. People who have known me longest are probably familiar with a handful of my OC's, like Growmonga (a teacher who can grow to amazing heights and fight crime) and David and Dani (a pair of siblings with major size differences; see above illustration).

Recently, I'm more well known as "That guy that does Flash animation thingies for a price". Summer of 2012, I started taking commission projects in bulk and livestreaming them on my channel…

Stop by for chat, movies, and fun whydon'tcha?

I'm very much interested in the history of my country. My favorite food is chili dogs with a side of fries and some cold root beer. I enjoy cartoons, westerns, zombie flicks, video games, political satire, and road trips.

Want to get on my good side? Not asking me for requests is a good starter. I don't do them. And a friendly greeting every now and then couldn't hurt.

If you read this entire profile thingy you're an awesome individual. Here is a voucher for one high five. Offer expires in 2013 and not valid in Guam.

Artwork above by :iconchibibiscuit:
So there was an animation of mine that was taken down that my watchers have been asking about (Attack of the 50ft Date). I've seen the file posted here and there. But for anyone who is still looking for it, I've posted it on a different site. 

I used to post some of my projects on FurAffinity, but now I'm trying a different site.

The site is Hentai Foundry. I won't post any links, since that site has some adult rated art and banners. But if you want to find Attack of the 50ft Date, you can find it there. 
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If you have the time, I request one vore flash with Kirino Kousaka
LoicSuplyMedias Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
What is the Star Butterfly's inshoe
Jackurai Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Something on my Patreon. Shrunken Marco in her shoe 
ARTgazer12 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
How do you make your animations? I would like to know
Jackurai Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
I use Adobe Illustrator to draw the animation assets, then I use Adobe Flash to animate them. 
ARTgazer12 Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist

I've been trying to get into animation
Jackurai Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Go for it, dude. It's a lot of fun ^^ 
Rhyso99 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hey were can I commission
I really want to do one but I dont know where to do it haha Sweating a little... 
Jackurai Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Please read my handy-dandy commission guide ^^…
martin956 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Professional
Hey jack are u going to do a new update on one of your old projects
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