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March 31, 2012
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My latest commission from :iconspaceguy222:

Like the last one, we have a Mario universe gal with a voracious appetite ^^

Princess Peach is at the Olympic Winter Games, doing a figure skating routine when she's interrupted by a very rude Shy Guy.

And then... you can guess what happens ^^

Gotta say, I had fun with this one. Made me fall in love with Shy Guy silliness all over again *nods*

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It's not so much of a shy guy buffet if she eats only one.
The first time... THE FIRST TIME a shy guy goes out of his way to talk to someone, even if its just an apology. He gets wrecked. I mean, do you think he wants to eat that hotdog anymore? I don't think so.

I really don't know much about them, aside from what I've seen in the video games.
All you need to know, is that shy guys, are shy.
hey i got a question for you, do you have any idea why people like you and me like this kind of stuff?
everything about it was perfect! except there was no easter egg of pie.... so,uh,9.5?
To my great surprise, despite the fact this short in particular would normally trigger my anti-vore buttons, I find myself faving it. Please note; I may not personally agree 100% with the content in all of your animations, but that does not detract from the technical quality of them and you should be proud of yourself for the skill you display in assembling them.

As for why I like this one... I don't really know, I guess because it's so cartoony but clearly light-hearted; there's not even any intimations of digestion (my #1 most hated aspect of vore).

Fun fact; Peach's belch after swallowing the shyguy is unique in your library of belch noises. You've never re-used this one as far as I'm aware. The only other burp almost as rare is the one from Junk Food (displayed when Detrita first burps after finishing her meal) and from Breakfast in Bed (where it's repeated as long as the player doesn't reset Pai after she wakes up from her sleep-eating).
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